What Did Jesus Look Like While Walking The Earth? (inspired by Heaven Is For Real)

Last week just before Easter I decided to take myself out on a date to see “Heaven Is For Real” on its opening night. Needless to say that was a MUCH needed “me time” – and it allowed me to settle my thoughts and spend quality time with Jesus. I already knew exactly what was going to happen in the movie as I’ve read the book and have seen interviews for years now; however, one thing I wasn’t aware of (which was highlighted in the movie) was the fact that there was a girl named Akiane Kramarik who painted visions of heaven God had been showing her since she was 4 years old.

Colton (the main character in Heaven Is For Real”) agrees that this painting by a girl he’s never met in his life – is the closest resemblance to Jesus when he was up in heaven.

This got me thinking….there is really no description of Jesus’ appearance in the New Testament, save the description of him in the book of Revelation.  That prompted me to go a little further and wonder….well why?

There may be a million reasons we can think of, and none of them may be correct, but personally I feel one reason may be that God doesn’t want us to concentrate on the minute, physical details of Christ but focus on His teachings.  Christ was sent here in human form to be a living, breathing, example of how we should live our life. Though we’re far from perfect, He proves that we can live a righteous, prosperous life if we have our mindset in the right place.

Imagine if the bible was filled to the brim with descriptions of Jesus…..

…..would we find ourselves still focusing more on His teachings than his appearance or no?

When I think about the world we live in today, someone’s appearance can honestly be the deciding factor if you listen to them or not. Fair or not, it’s true. If you saw an elderly man stumbling up to your car, babbling words you can’t comprehend with tattered clothes, nails and face dirty, hair matted and filthy – would you silently pray for the light to turn green as you roll up your windows and lock your doors?

If I were in my car alone I know I would. What if that man had alzhimers and wondered 20 miles away from his neighborhood when his grandkids forgot to lock the door behind him. He looks disheveled because he’s been wondering on the streets alone and can’t remember anything.

BUT you wouldn’t have a chance to find that out because you’d be speeding down the street trying to pull off before he made it to your car.

Could you see that happening with some folks reading the bible? If they knew of Jesus’s appearance, they may be racist and throw the bible down because they don’t want to read about anything someone of Jesus’ appearance has to say.  Or maybe Jesus was super attractive and the bible gushed about how good He looked. Some people may not be so open to reading what the bible has to say because they may conclude that “good things only happen to pretty people.”

It’s a stretch, but do you see where I’m going?

I am curious to see what Jesus looks like as well, but I am perfectly alright with waiting until I’m old to go on home to see Him. No rushing over here!

Some people say Jesus looks like whatever you want Him to look like. He may very well look exactly like He was depicted in the painting Akiane Kramarik created. Maybe not. But one thing I do know is that I’m glad He lived so that we could have a chance at salvation and a true-to-life example of how God wants us to live.

Jesus technically grew up with a “step dad”. He was born into “poverty”. He had people trash talk Him when He was actually there to help them. He knew how to have fun (First Miracle). He knew how to forgive. He knew what it felt like to be sorrowful and upset. He knew what it felt like to be “all alone”.  He knew how to deal with mouthy people who tried to embarrass Him (Sadducees and Pharisees). He knew what it was like to be punished for no reason.

I just can’t get with those folks who can’t fathom that Jesus actually existed and is still alive waiting for us.

Heaven is for real. God is for real. Jesus is for real. The Holy Spirit is for real. I experience the proof every day that I’m alive.

–          Joc




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4 responses to “What Did Jesus Look Like While Walking The Earth? (inspired by Heaven Is For Real)

  1. Jesus was born a JEW and was of olive complexion. He is love, which has no color.He is our Savior and HIS appearance shouldn’t matter as you correctly stated in your blog which I truly enjoyed reading.

  2. What a great read, I really love your POV on this subject, its funny how as photographers even we allow society to tell us what we should perceive to be true and right and perfect, yet that isn’t what shows up on the other side of the lens. I agree with you in that notion that if we knew what Jesus looked like this world would go crazy. People would try and claim him, or assume that if you weren’t the same complexion or of the same look you couldn’t be him, people would have hair cuts like him and just try and do the craziest stuff. It reminds me of Christmas, society seems to know when Jesus died (Easter) and it changes every year, but always remember Dec 25th and say Jesus is the reason for the season. While the bible isn’t clear on the date he was born it gives us clues, but no finite answer, and maybe just maybe… that’s the way is supposed to be. He does gives us instructions on how to honor his life, and death, but some people only do that on easter too, lol.

    Point is, regardless of what he looks like his message and purpose was clear, and Joc you definitely prove that, as well as all of us. Its a tough pill to swallow sometimes but if we fix our eyes on things above, maybe we’ll get to see him, and the question will be answered.

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