Morning Motivation For The Dreamers and Children of God

First Watch This Short Inspirational Video (I think Bishop Clarence McClendon is speaking)

“He Who Begun A Good Work In Me”

….. now read this!

This video was in my Facebook mini feed FIRST thing this morning by breast cancer thriver, activist, and woman of God Maxine Devereaux and I am so thankful for it! As a child of God who walks with the Savior daily, and a dreamer who works hard to hold onto faith — waiting until “your God time” can be a challenge sometimes. Yep, I said it. CHALLENGING. Some people may ask, “Well how do you walk with God daily and still struggle with growing your faith?”

Easy. I’m human.

The only perfect one was Jesus the Christ and seeing as how I’m Jocelyn Drawhorn, child of God — I know I’m not perfect on my own. I can’t do anything with out the help of the Father. If you are a dreamer and a child of God like me, listen closely to the words and let them refresh you on your journey towards accomplishing your dreams and goals. Yes you’ve probably heard something like this before, but there is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with hearing it again. That’s what it means to “meditate on God’s word day and night” — to repeat and ingest God’s words daily to make sure you keep His commands and know how to get through every situation that could possibly come up in your life. The same thing goes for inspirational Word. Take this mini sermon/liturgical dance and keep saying the words over and over and OVER to yourself.

Know that there are angels ready and waiting for you to speak LIFE over your dreams so that they can carry your requests on up to God. So SPEAK IT NOW…SPEAK LIFE! Healing! Prosperity! Godly relationships! Fulfilling career and family life! Friends and Family members SAVED!

In Jesus’ matchless, holy name AMEN!  

– Joc


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One response to “Morning Motivation For The Dreamers and Children of God

  1. You have a learn to ask our FATHER to …ORDER MY STEPS DEAR LORD and HE will. You also must believe and it shall be done.IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

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