POWERFUL Dance Depicting the Christian Experience – Sinner to Saint

When I logged on to post my daily FB posts, I saw that a friend of mind had tagged me in this video (see above). I wasn’t sure what to expect but by the comments that were posted below, I knew I HAD to look. I made the mistake of checking it right before I started the day in the office because all I could do was cry, cry, cry!!!!

I see liturgical dances all of the time, and not to say they aren’t effective — but this one here — EVERYTHING was spot on perfect! Each emotion, each movement so accurately depicted what it’s like to be lost in the world and found again by Christ.

PLEASE look at the video first, then read below my comments…..

PHASE 1 – With Christ

The woman depicts what it’s like when we are one with Christ. For me, this was an era of innocence. The woman is seen in all white which stands for innocence. As a kid, though we are born into sin, we are innocent to a certain point. We don’t know ALL of the whims the world dangles in front of us, and certainly can’t fully digest, fathom, or understand the consequences that come with sinful acts. We simply do what we see. We hang on to our mom or our grandparents or whoever else for answers. Even if we aren’t brought up in a Christian household, we are still innocent in the sense that we are blissfully unaware of how the actions of today will affect our futures.

PHASE 2 – Intermingling with the devil

Once again, the woman represents what the old saints call “straddling the fence” . Proving that none of us are exempt from temptation regardless of how saved the family we grew up in was. Satan will use the glam of the world to pull us in little by little — sin by sin. You may start off smoking cigarettes then trying weed, then it may open up to something more. You may start off sipping some wine to relax when you’ve had a hard day, then it may turn into drinking every night, then it may lead to hard liquor. That is how the enemy gets us (as clearly seen in the video). He will use one “little” thing to draw us deeper and deeper into a world that will ultimately lead to death.

PHASE 3 – Struggling with sin and wanting to get out

This part of the dance touches on a topic I’ve spoken on before — the difference between willingly living in sin and struggling with sin. If you are struggling you want to get out. Whether you are open about it or whether you pray secretly in your heart for an escape. Every prostitute doesn’t want to be one. Every dope boy doesn’t want to be one. Every alcoholic doesn’t want to be one. They may try to go to church then fall back. They may try to kick that drug habit but fall back. In the dance, all of the vices that sucked the woman into sin are ultimately the same things that are trying to keep her into it. The devil doesn’t want you to ‘get out of a life of sin’ — so he’ll send those spirits of addiction and fornication and whatever else to try to keep you bound so you can die and spend eternity in hell with him. If you are STRUGGLING with a life of sin (like the woman) you need to do all you can to get out. Stop hanging around those same people. Go to a rehab facility. Do whatever you can to get free.

PHASE 4 – Breaking free of sin to a life with Christ

The last part of this dance is really what tore me up! This represents the years of struggling and reaching out for God and finally breaking through to living in the safety of His arms. Notice that Jesus doesn’t just run and rescue the woman (though He could). As people we have the power of CHOICE. Christ won’t force Himself on us, He is there waiting for US to make the choice to live for Him…the choice of LIFE! The enemy doesn’t want us to break totally through and we may backslide on our journey out of bondage, but as the dance concludes, it’s so beautifully visible that if we don’t give up and keep pushing towards righteousness WE CAN MAKE IT to a life with the Savior.

– Joc


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One response to “POWERFUL Dance Depicting the Christian Experience – Sinner to Saint

  1. Tears of joy invaded my spiritual soul. I enjoyed every moment. We have good/bad influences daily….Believing in GOD and saying to yourself WWGO(what would God do) helps to keep you on track. The devil is so powerful and comes to us in so many ways. BEWARE!

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