Why Is Popular Music Turning Folks Into Mush?

2 days ago I was scrolling down my Instagram timeline and saw a clip of a girl getting down in her hip-hop dance class. I LOVE music and I’ve always loved to dance — I’ve just put it aside to focus on my businesses and Christ walk.

Upon watching the clip, my first instinct was to groove to the song playing because the artist that the class was dancing to sounded a little like Cassie (the tone of her voice is phenomenal I must say). After thinking on it a bit more I decided to try to catch some of the lyrics and Goggle them to see how the entire song sounded. This is what I found:


Watching the video just ruined the entire song for me. I could clearly see that while the song had a catchy tune, the lyrics are a mess! I already don’t listen to main stream music as it is (unless I’m in a car with someone playing it) but this here made me feel like the oldest soul in America. Why? Because I immediately felt sorry for the people who soundtrack their lives with lyrics like this. Live fast, get high, die young. I can now understand why popular music and so-called hip hop is turning people into mush.


Just what I said. I used to be one of those people who operated on music. Music WAS me. I used music to express every emotion I felt and a lot of my psyche was honestly controlled by it. When I was feeling terrible and wanted to smash something, I just turned on a crunk song, hit up the ABC store, and hit the club with my girls. NOW I know that this is dangerous. Let’s look at this thing….

The girl singing is a very pretty girl, but I can tell this song was written FOR her and it was probably written by a guy. To me, it is not “lady-like” for a girl to be going on about:

“If you a lame, nigga you ain’t making no noise
Get faded, turn up with the big boys
Live fast, die young that’s my choice
Get money, get money like the invoice

We can mob all in the whip
Make the money make the grip
I be stuntin’ with my clique
Getting faded ’till we trip

Man, I love to get on
I love to get 2 on
When the drink be too strong
When the tree be way too strong
Get faded, turn up, pour it on up
Till I can’t even think no more
Get ratchet, go dumb, then go more dumb
Then we can keep it lit, let’s roll”

I am going to put it simply….this sounds like a girl putting herself in a situation where she’s can be raped. When you get ‘too faded’ you don’t remember ANYTHING — and even if you do, your functions slow down and you become what we call a “sloppy drunk” or “geeked”. That’s when folk make the decisions that they regret and wish they didn’t make. WHY did [I] get that tattoo? WHY did [I] sleep with that guy? WHY did [I] puke my life away on that bus? WHY did [I] lose my stuff in that club?

Think on this. If you’re trying to study for a vocabulary test what do you do? How do you remember stuff and get it to where you can rattle it off?

You look at it constantly and say the words over to yourself until you remember them. You get to the point to where the words are engraved into your psyche.

The same goes for songs like this — if you singing day and night about how you want to get faded ….it’s going to make you want to get faded. Pretty soon, you’re going to crave that fast life in the songs you listen to and it’s something you will aspire to have. You would want to live the life that you sing about RIGHT?!?!

(if you say no, you’re a liar. You can’t say that at least an itty bitty part of you would want to do this stuff more and more)

I’m not saying we didn’t have “bad influences” back in my day. We had songs like this too, but doggone it wasn’t this blatant! Maybe we had Lil Kim saying something or MC Lyte talking about a ruff necks — but it wasn’t EVERY DOGGONE SONG!

No girl needs to be acting like a dude trying to live the fast life — it leaves the open to being labeled a hoe. It’s not right, but it’s the truth.

I admit the beat of this song and the singer’s voice are catchy, but it’s sad that this is all kids have to listen to these days. You live reckless if you want to, it WILL catch up with you one day, hit your tail with a stop sign, and make you slow down — either that, or you will be able to cash in on that fast life/die young mantra you’re always singing about.

Just my thoughts.

– Joc


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One response to “Why Is Popular Music Turning Folks Into Mush?

  1. Very interesting blog about most hip-hop music TODAY and the way it affects the younger generation.I love music, but when the lyrics are demonic, I am strong and I pass it on and refuse to listen.I also encourage others to listen carefully and make the decision for themselves.
    Thank you Jocelyn!

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