Endure Pain In Order To Grow — Lessons I Learned From My Parent’s Tree

Sometime last year I assisted my dad in pruning the flowered tree that grew in his front yard. I hadn’t really noticed that over the years the tree wan’t blossoming like it had when I was in high school, and though spring had come and gone, it still looked brittle, dank, and withered. “Where are you going” is what I asked my dad when I peeped him heading towards the front yard with a saw in hand. – “I’ve got to trim that tree so it’ll grow.” I got out of my car and followed him to the tree. The tree was honestly a big ball of woody confusion. When my dad pointed out the parts he wanted to hack I was shocked! What he’d just described to me sounded more like a chopping session rather than a little trimming. Nevertheless I was intrigued and asked if I could help — which I did. Once we finished the tree was an eye sore. Everything was jagged and rough looking. It was far from the beautiful tree it once was when my parents first moved into their house. FASTFORWARD >>>> to this past week. I randomly noticed that the tree that was in shambles last year had blossomed into a more beautiful object than it was before we even pruned it! I guess I’d been so caught up in my life that I never stopped to realize it. That got me thinking…that’s EXACTLY how God does us. In order for us to grow into the beautiful, godly person He knows we’re capable of being, He has to chop away some of the stuff in our lives that is doing nothing but weighing us down in our Christian walk and leaving us spiritually dank and dark inside. He might have to cut away friends that we’ve had for forever! He might have to cut the taste of weed or alcohol or sex away from our lives. He may have to cut away some music or reminders of a worldly life in order for us to truly spiritually grow. YES it will be ugly. YES it will be painful, but before we know it, we will be just like that tree in my parent’s yard — more beautiful than we’ve ever been! I know I’ve had to be pruned almost to the doggone nub but I am so thankful to God that He has given me the strength to make it through this process sane and in tact! I’ve had people call me “brand new” or try to remind me of the way I used to live, or tell me “it’s not that serious” or “you’re being judgmental” — but I don’t give a care in the world because I know that  the spiritual and physical pruning that has gone on in my life (and is still going on) is necessary for me to be the beautiful woman of God I was originally designed to be! Romans 12:2 What needs to be trimmed from YOUR life? – Joc


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  1. I am totally aware that in order to be the Best you can be is to move on from your vices, and reconstruct your life.Seek Jesus and develop a relationship with our LORD and SAVIOR.

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