Boondocks Creator Set To Premiere Newest Creation “Black Jesus” — SAY WHAT?!


Let me start this off saying I used to watch Boondocks and despite “pushing the envelope” thought it was funny. Then I took a step back and realized how playing my part in keeping it on the air wasn’t really doing much to better society. Just give a cheap laugh, so I stopped watching it. Now Aaron McGruder is cranking out his next creation and it doesn’t look pretty.

I don’t consider myself a “fire and brimstone” type of Christian because I have not always been the person I am now; however, certain things I feel are clearly out of order and out of control — this show being one of them. After taking a look at the show’s synopsis and sneak peeks, I am saddened because while the character of Jesus in this context is set in modern day Compton, attempting to spread love — “the show puts the Son of God in modern-day Compton, where he curses, hangs out with drug dealers, changes bottled water into cognac, and smokes blunts.” (


Yes, and after days of previews, the show airs tonight (8/7/14) on Adult Swim.  While I will not be watching or supporting this, I will continue to pray and stay focus on my own walk. Also while I will do my part to express my disdain for the show — I understand that the majority of the people who watch Adult Swim and who will enjoy this show also enjoy their weed, and their partying, and their endless violent video games, and their rock bands, and their binge drinking, and their partying, and their body modifications — all people who don’t exactly scream “I LOVE THE LORD AND I AM LIVING THE LIFE OF THE PERFECT WITNESS!” I understand that there is a way you need to go about doing things.

It’s the same thing with companies using “X-Mas” instead of “Christmas” on their ads. I believe in the one true God and my personal Savior Jesus Christ; but I also know that everyone else doesn’t feel the same way. As long as I do my part and let the world see Christ through how I live MY life, then I believe I can do far more than if I were to drive outside WalMart and start a picket line or fiery mob because the rollback ads didn’t say “Merry Christmas”. The same will be for this show. I will show my disapproval for it by NOT WATCHING IT and do it UNapologetically. If the ratings aren’t good, the show won’t matter. Time is money for television networks.

I saw the above photo posted on Isaac Carree’s FB page — so if you want to participate and share your thoughts by phone, you can call the number. If you want to check out the previews for yourself peep one of the clips below…. – Joc





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