Don’t Make a Mockery of Marriage

The increasing rate of failed marriages amazes me. The problem is people are not taking time out to learn their partners, chasing after their flesh instead of waiting on God, making premature moves, and then when the marriage falls apart they want to say “I give up on love”. Too many people have the definition of love confused. So many are deceived. My people are being destroyed, hearts being broken, and innocent children caught up in mess all because people don’t want to wait on God. You want to complain about your sorry baby daddy this and that but if you would’ve waited on God you would’ve dodged that bullet. Marriage is a sacred sanction. Those vows are real. To recite those vows under God “For better or for worse, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.” I wish people wouldn’t move so fast and really consider the commitment. We love to say so and so broke my heart when really we broke God’s as well as our own because we lacked patience and trust in God. If you can’t find nobody right now it’s because God is trying to work some things out in you alone before you go link up with somebody else and carry all that weight and baggage into your relationship and miss out on your soul mate cuz you came into prematurely. We love to sign up for what we THINK we are ready for. Wait on God people. Don’t make a mockery out of the union he gets so much glory in.

–  repost via LaShae Shymez Settles


Be blessed. Piggyback commentary coming soon, Joc.


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One response to “Don’t Make a Mockery of Marriage

  1. Love is a beautifulthing and Marriage is a great union between 2 people.
    Pray for the partner that you need..not the one you might want and GOD will send him/her to you.Your soul-mate is lifetime without NO buts or ANDs.

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