When You Do It Unto The Least of These…..

Today I was reminded how good it felt to help. I remember when I was smaller, my parents used to pick up strangers off the road or pay for someone else’s lunch and I for the little life of me couldn’t understand how they could do that. My adolescent mind couldn’t grasp how you could be willing to pay for SOMEONE else if you:

A – don’t know how much their stuff costs  B – didn’t even know the person and  C – risk not even getting recognition or a ‘thank you’.

Despite my constant battery of questions, my parents continued giving back and explained each time how this is what God wants us to do as Christians. He understands we have bills and we’re not the Trumps; but when He lays it on our hearts to “bless someone” we should do it – even if the person never knows who we are. In Matthew Chapter 25, Jesus lets us know that when we’ve helped the “least of these”, the Heavenly Father sees and knows.

Proverbs 16:8 reads, “Better is a little with righteousness than great revenues with injustice”. There are people who step on folk to acquire great amounts of wealth but can hardly live a life worth living because they are always hoarding it and looking over their shoulders. God doesn’t want that for us. We should be willing to help each other and opt to live a comfortable life doing the RIGHT thing, than a grossly wealthy one shadowed by corruption and selfishness.

Now back to today. I felt God drop in my spirit to do something nice for the person behind me in the drive thru this morning regardless of how much it would cost me – so I did. I don’t know who the person was and he doesn’t know who I am but that’s ok. Just think about this…..

#1 He may have been having a rough morning and just overall terrible week and then the person in front of him pays for his bill

#2 His day is looking a little brighter because he’s saving money and goes into the office with a better attitude

#3 Because of his great attitude, he attacks all the work on his desk and brightens his customers’ attitudes with his upbeat demeanor

#4 They are pleased to have an easy visit to the “_____” Office and so on and so on.

#5 I’m sitting here feeling good because I was able to hear God’s voice and do what He said

See how loving each other every now and again can trickle on. I’m not telling you to go out and spend your last dime every paycheck on someone, but the next time you notice someone spending a long time in the diaper aisle or counting out pennies – go ahead and ask God if He wants you to handle that. It’ll make your day brighter and your problems seem just a little bit lighter!



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