Random Favorites of a Sometimes Random Creative

I’m up late again working on photos and putting the finishing touches on the relationship forum panel I’m hosting this Saturday — eating my favorite cookie. Then the idea came to me; why not randomly blog about your favorite things….some of them at least. haha

If you know me, you know I’m REALLY not a picky person when it comes to certain things. If you give me a gift and I don’t like it, you won’t know because I’ll be too busy caught up in the fact that you actually thought enough to give me something nice. SO…..

#1 My favorite kid show out right now is KID PRESIDENT. That little boy is so talented and has so much personality I can barely stand it! Hopefully he won’t grow up and get wild like the rest of us did and stays his awesome, inquisitive self! Love him.

#2 My favorite cookies are Ginger Snaps. Something about that molasses and whatever else they have in there that make it SOOOOO good!

#3 The beach is my home away from home. It’s my favorite, most special place — I go there to clear my mind.

#4 My favorite past time is taking photos, but loathe the editing process. It is truly the epitome of joy and pain.

#5 My favorite boy band growing up is a tie between Backstreet Boys and NSync — they were clones of eachother anyway

#6 My favorite color is yellow….BRIGHT yellow!

#7 My favorite type of people to be around are artistic creatives who love God, but still know how to have fun

#8 My favorite thing to do at a party used to be TO DANCE! I don’t party much these days, but I’ll always have a good dance in me

#9 My favorite “down time” activities include blasting old school or indie music while writing poetry

#10 My favorite movie of all time is Pet Semetary by Stephen King

#11 My favorite book is Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

#12 My favorite subject in school was and always was English!

#13 My favorite love song to imagine my future boyfriend proposing to me to is Butterflies by Michael Jackson

#14 My favorite types of songs are ones that have clashing chords or minor chords (ie/ Nite&Day, BodyParty)

#15 My favorite dance to do is the Wu-Tang (cue the Baltimore Club Music)

#16 My favorite chapter in the Holy Bible is Jeremiah 29

#17 My favorite daydream is one where I’m looking in the mirror locked in my future husband’s arms as we look at my growing belly in the mirror thanking God for the little miracle that will be growing inside of me. I want to be a wife-mommy one day!

#18 My favorite drink is Coca Cola

#19 My favorite written poet is Langston Fuze. My favorite spoken word poet is Janette…Ikz

#20 My favorite thing about life itself if that it’s all a blessing from God; a God who loved me enough to allow me to experience His greatness and the saving grace of his Son Jesus Christ.

Goodnight. Joc


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One response to “Random Favorites of a Sometimes Random Creative

  1. We are so much alike…are you sure we aren’t sisters,cousins?
    Really enjoyed this read. Thanks for sharing.Give my love to Mom and Dad.Will share with close family and friends.Continue to express your feeling with me. With lots of love Joc!

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