The Beyonce Blessing

AND THIS is why PieHole is PieHole… #bravo #encouraged

I Am LaMonique.

Beyonce, prom dateDisclaimer: I don’t claim to be Beyoncé, and my boyfriend is definitely not the guy in the picture. I wasn’t trying to send him a message. Please don’t inbox either of us. This is a closed relationship, and we like it that way. We’re good.

I came across this meme last night, laughed and said, “Thank you, Jesus.” God can speak through anything He wants.

I looked at the picture and saw myself in the guy. How many times have we had a Beyoncé opportunity and blown it because there was something easier and more attainable, only to look back later and see that what we ended up with was a broke, basic butter face (click here for definition, lol)? God wants to give us Beyoncé blessings, but we don’t want to do Beyoncé work.

Blessings come with responsibility. God expects your best. He expects your work and obedience. You have…

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