Thank YOU for Making The Opposite Sex Revealed A Success!

When I say this past weekend was overwhelming…I MEAN IT! Thank you SO much to everyone who was part of The Opposite Sex Revealed Relationship Forum!  Wilson, NC doesn’t have too many creative, artsy outlets where residents can kick back and have fun; so the fact that many of you attended, donated, or even expressed a desire to attend meant the world!OSR_POSTER_24x36_update-page-0


Adeea, Greg, Kendra, Brian, Peaches, and Thomas – thank you so much for really being nothing less than awesome! You brought light, laughter, and truth to the issues that many of us are afraid to address so thank you! You were professional, relatable, and I appreciate you taking time out of your weekend to help make my event a success! To Reginald Mitchell and Rashaad McNeil I thank you all for not thinking it robbery to help bring my vision to life! You men are inspirational entrepreneurs and I want to support you how I can! Thank you again!


You all really exceeded my already high expectations this weekend! I already knew you would murder the mic but good Lord! I really respect you all as artists and will be sitting on the edge of my seat as you all grow and travel doing what God has blessed you to do! Thank you for being so willing to give up your Saturday evening to help bring The OSR atmosphere to life!


I really enjoyed getting to hang out a bit and get a peek into the life of a full time business owner and chef! You give a brand new meaning to what it is to be an entrepreneur and follow your dreams; so keep blazing that path! Your food and artistry was amazing and I thank you for all of your professionalism even though there was a lot of traveling involved! You are a super cool gal and I’m looking forward to hosting more of your cooking in the near future!


I wouldn’t really call you a planning committee, because you had to listen to me jump from idea to idea every five seconds! You helped from set up to break down and I truly appreciate you all for your help because CLEARLY the way my mind is set up….. I’d be in loads of trouble without level headed individuals to help close some of the tabs opened in this noggin of mine. You put up with my billion updates and talked me off of some pretty outrageous ideas and I thank you!


A lot of you may not have seen them but I am telling you, every time I try to be super independent, my family comes along to remind me that it’s ok to ask for help – I don’t HAVE to do it on my own! They helped make runs around the city when I was running around like a headless chicken setting up for the venue – from helping set up hotels to transporting supplies, to even putting on a hard hat and putting together lights! Thank you so much each of you! I’ve already told you, but I want to tell you in front of THE BLOGOSPHERE! I love you all and am truly honored and grateful that God saw fit to gift me into an amazing family!


Thank you so much for lending your support in a way that was truly the backbone of how everything was set up! Sheryletta Lacewell of Lacewell Allstate Agency, Tawanda Auston of Five Touch Spa and Salon, LaMonique Hamilton of PieHole Magazine – you all are simply the best! I will continue to patronize your businesses and encourage others as well. You women are definitely a force to be reckoned with and I will support in any way I can!


Without each of you this event would be for nothing! I’m sure you could tell I was a bit nervous at the beginning but seeing you laugh, ask questions and engage during the night really made me so happy! I wanted to create a creative atmosphere where you could get REAL thoughts from REAL men and women. Because of you, I feel even more confident, that I should work on creating more events in the area where going to the club isn’t the only way to have fun! I want other Wilson natives to see that we don’t always have to spend gas and travel to Raleigh, or Greenville, or Charlotte to have fun – we can host classy events right here in Wilson! I look forward to seeing you at the 2nd Installment of The OSR in May 2015! We were sold out last night and plan on being sold out again! Who knows, we may have another installment sooner than you think. =)

Here are some of YOUR photos of The OSR courtesy of Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter!

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One response to “Thank YOU for Making The Opposite Sex Revealed A Success!

  1. Educating the public is so REAL and important. Let us continue to keep our brothers and sisters aware of life and its everlasting changes.

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