Young Pastor on BGSU Campus Addresses Radical Extremist



Joc’s Thoughts:

Back when I was at East Carolina University (aka America’s Party Grounds) we had guys like this radical extremist who FAITHFULLY stood at every corner of every restaurant or at Joyner Library preaching fire and brimstone.  Being totally honest, I WAS living a false Christian lifestyle meaning: I professed to live for Christ and had the knowledge of Him (because of my Christian upbringing), but I CHOSE to willingly live in the world. I figured “Hmmph, I know God, I go to church, he ain’t talking to me because I got saved in the 2nd grade.” The underlying truth was that I WAS headed to hell — and if I died at that very second I knew that I would soon meet the devil and his imps. BUT GOD (somebody say BUT GOD) allowed me to come in contact with young Christians who, unlike me at the time, were SERIOUS about their walks with Christ and showed me that I had to ask for God to give me strength to overcome my sinful nature and show me how to walk in HIS Word. They didn’t throw a bible at me or tell me no matter what I was going to hell — like that extremist did. They did it a firm way AND by living lives that PHYSICALLY showed me what it meant to walk as a Christian ought.

Now that I am wholeheartedly living and working for Christ, I now know that there is a way that we should, as Christians, give hope to those who are still in the world or straddling the fence. YES living willingly in sin CAN and WILL land you in hell — I will not be fake about that — but WE ourselves can’t physically put anyone in Hell because we are not God. Every man has to work out his own salvation with God the Father and if a person chooses a life of sin…so be it. We don’t have to be friends with them or spend all of our time with them. We have to be satisfied in knowing that we have done our part as God’s mouthpieces by witnessing and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. If the people we are witnessing to say “We want to live totally for God and escape the grasp of Hell” then we need to rejoice and assist in their transition into a true Christian lifestyle.

As the young pastor explained in the video, we need to encourage those living for the world and let them know that even though they got it wrong today, tomorrow is another day to get it right. NO we don’t want them to continuously live and walk in sin and participate in sinful acts without conviction, but we acknowledge that, “Hey, we were once in your shoes until we allowed God to change our lives.”

I am glad my little sis Jazmine posted this. I don’t agree with the students inturrupting and being obnoxious at time, but hey — the message was brought forth. I hope my commentary spoke to someone.

– Joc



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2 responses to “Young Pastor on BGSU Campus Addresses Radical Extremist

  1. Gerard

    I agree, I just listened to a sermon by TD Jakes saying the samething. Check it out on my page.

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