So It’s a New Year Already….Let’s Do It!

Hello! It’s me, your favorite blogging commentator here with yet another end-of-2014-reflections post for you to read.

But really, this year for me has honestly shaped up to be a much different year than I expected. Overall I can say this year has been ‘safe’. That’s not necessarily a good thing, but it’s not terrible either.

I began this year with high hopes but life knocked me around a little. My businesses were revamped and my overworked immune system stopped me in my tracks. It was a struggle trying the find the balance between ‘hustle’ and ‘health’. It seemed as though the harder I worked to establish and launch my businesses, the more tired and worn down I became. It comes with the territory so I thought, but I learned the hard way that if you don’t slow down, your BODY will slow you down. Now it’s the close fo the year and I feel like there is so much I could’ve done that I didn’t. I feel more relaxed, but lazy at the same time. My desires in life are tweaking a bit and it’s not the most comfortable place to be in — honestly speaking.

That’s why I said I feel ‘safe’. I’m grateful for the safe place I’m in now. I have a stable job and the businesses that I actually want to make a living off of are growing. BUT I also feel that I’m playing life ‘safe’. I feel as though I haven’t taken enough risks…but who knows, maybe I need to sit my tail down somewhere ANYWAY! haha

I’ve accomplished plenty of the yearly goals I made for myself last year, and some I plan to carry over.

Well getting on to the new year that’s coming in a day, these are my goals for the year (in random order):

1. To lose 10 lbs and keep it off

2. To pick the keys back up. A lot of people don’t know this but I’ve played piano since I was like 7 or 10 years old. I just let it go once other interests took over. I need to give into my dad’s nagging and pick it back up.

3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle psychically, spiritually, and emotionally.

4. Date and travel the country. I’m still super happy in the single department and a little hesitant in entering the dating pool. We’ll see what happens. Prayers up!

5. Spend more time with God and my family.

6. Grow my businesses and step closer to my dreams (which prayerfully are God’s dreams)

7. Support friend more by actually physically being available. With my schedule up and down like it is, I need to spend more time hanging out with friends! Business will be there. As long as I have a comfortable roof over my head and healthy food to eat, I’ll be good.

8. Pry away from technology (I PROMISED myself I wasn’t gonna get sucked into the techie wave, but it got me. I’m digging my way out. I refuse to fall into the same, lonely, people-absent world these youngsters find themselves in.) #TeamHumanInteraction

9. Find a church home JUST FOR ME and not because it’s “comfortable”.

10. MOVE into a house or REALLY nice apartment! Not saying “just living in an apartment” isn’t nice, but I want to go the extra mile! That means I must SAVE SAVE SAVE!

11. Get healthier hair and skin. I’ve been fighting this battle since the TWEENage years. I’m gonna win though.

12. Be beautiful. I want to continue to be beautiful inside and outside. I want the joy of the Lord and the light of Christ to show through. I want to also take steps to make sure my outward body is presentable and healthy as well!

13. Give back to the community. (though I already do this on a smaller scale, I want to get into more).

14. Know what my career purpose is in life, get there, and be happy/fulfilled!

– FIN. Joc


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One response to “So It’s a New Year Already….Let’s Do It!

  1. It was a pleasure to read your synopsis,and read your goasl which needed to be carried over into the new year with more prospects and more of a variety to motivate your ventures. Stay focused and continue to make appropriate goals. It seems that you are moving ahead full force,rather slowly yet positively. Continue to put GOD first and continue to pray for success! I love you dearly!

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