If God’s Been Good Then Make Some Noise (Fatman Scoop Voice)

Last night was one of the most rewarding nights I had in awhile…..know why?

Last night was rewarding because I actually got to present myself and my business to a group of my peers in a leadership class I’ve been taking since the beginning of the year!

Most people I went to school with years ago have already gone back for their masters, failed, or racked up a few additional degrees since graduation. Me on the other hand…I’ve been working. That’s it. Working and nothing more.

Yeah I’ve embarked on business ventures of my own outside of my full time day job, but I’ve done nothing that was really school related until now. Until now, I never really thought I’d even WANT to go back to school! My last semester of college, I worked WHILE I took my final classes, and that was TRULY a sacrifice. The commute, the fatigue, the homework, my relationship at the time — it was stressful. I told myself that I never wanted to do that again!

So when I was approached TWICE to take part in this emerging leadership class this January, I was a little hesitant. Eventually (after some prayer and convincing) I showed up and now, halfway through the course, I’m here typing this blog post; having just completed my first presentation (non work related) in years!

Though my class is small, I’ve met so many other emerging leaders who also manage their own endeavors and know the delicate balance of juggling your full time job and your hustle. I’m making connections, but not only that, forging new relationships. I’m not saying I’m meeting the people who will be my future BFFs, but cool people who I wouldn’t mind hanging out with. Genuine, good people!

I must truly say that I’ve struggled for almost 5 years with how I WANTED to ‘do’ my life and how God wanted me to do it — and though each day isn’t all sunshine and peaches, I know who holds my life in Their hands and I know that He has plans to PROSPER me, not to harm me, but to give me a hope and a future! If I would’ve gone my own way, I would probably be homeless in Atlanta right now, a struggling photographer sleeping on someone’s couch. I’m thankful and humbled that God hit me with that spiritual stop sign when He did. Though people may look at my life and feel I’m not living up to my potential, I’m doing okay. I work hard every day to really tune into God and ‘do’ life the way He wants me to — because at the end of the day, He will give me BETTER, when all I can ever do of my own merit is just GOOD.

I’ve already been blessed beyond measure and am ACTIVELY walking towards my wonderful destiny! I’m proud to say, as of right now, I’m not doing good….I’m doing God. ❤

– Joc


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One response to “If God’s Been Good Then Make Some Noise (Fatman Scoop Voice)

  1. Amen…Praying for your success…..So very proud of your accomplishments
    Thanks for sharing…..

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