**The Road To 27** Post 6 of 7 – God

Despite what anybody says or believes, God (YAWEH, the same God of Israel that worked in the Holy Bible as well as today) is the reason I am here.

Point blank. No argument. It just is. I can never show enough gratitude for that.

While some people spend their time wrestling with the questions “Well why do we have to serve Him anyway?” — “Are we mere slaves?” — “Surely there must be a higher purpose for us than that?”

— I spend my time walking with The Holy Spirit, praising God for being Who He is and the wonderful blessings He’s bestowed upon my life.

DAY 6Since my 20th birthday, I have learned to spend the first part of my special day praying it in before I do anything else. I am humble enough (and will continue to be) to know that without God breathing life in me, I wouldn’t be able to do or enjoy anything else. He is the reason I breathe. He is the reason I have been blessed with great parents. He is the reason I have family and friends to enjoy my time with, He is the reason I have a job, He is the reason for literally EV-ER-Y-THING in my life and on this earth. My birthday is not a time to celebrate myself, but to celebrate the God that made this life; and it’s a GREAT feeling to know that even though God doesn’t physically ask, “Jocelyn, did you notice all that I’ve done for you? It would be nice if you thanked Me ya know, just a little gratitude.” , He doesn’t have to ask me! I will give thanks to Him freely when that dial hits 12:00 AM (If I’m not asleep, ya’ll know I go to sleep early lol)

I never in a billion gagillion zaphillion years would’ve thought I’d be a this point in my Christ walk at THIS age!

See, I had this plan growing up right:

Step #1 Do all my dirt and sinning while I was young

Step #2 Slow down in my 30s

Step #3 Completely stop in my 40s and share my testimony

Step #4 Become a old mother in the church and tell kids about how it was when I was young

I lie to you not! This is exactly the foolery that my old wayward self used to come up with! But Christ stepped in there and hit me with the Dikembe Mutombo like “No No No — I didn’t die so you can willingly keep living in sin! Not in My house!”

I’ll admit, it’s a little embarrassing to know that it took so many warnings to get me on the right track, but I’m glad God sent them! At the rate I was going, I wouldn’t have made it to 25 ANYWAY! God did some fast acting, put Jesus on the play and sent The Holy Spirit in to take it to the hole for a slam dunk! And BOY did He score! Here I am, coming upon 27 years old, with a further understanding of Christ than most people my age, and I count that an honor and a blessing!

When I finally turned back on the right path, I took a cue from Solomon and began praying for godly wisdom. It’s something I continue to pray for even now. And you know what, I’m so thankful that the Holy Bible was left here for us, because if I didn’t have that to look back on, I would be flubbing us this life all to pieces.

Nevertheless here I am, just hours away from my 27th birthday and I’m excited and grateful! God is wonderful, and amazing, and all of the above!

Hey…..I’m almost 27 ya’ll!


Photo shot and edited by Rich Griffis (www.richgriffis.com)

[photo by Rich Griffis ]


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  1. Amen and Thanks for sharing!

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