**The Road To 27** Post 7 of 7 – The Present Looking To The Future

** The Present Looking To The Future **


What can I say but THANK YOU GOD! Being 27 feels amazing because I’m officially beginning another year of this precious life of mine. As you have found on this journey with me, I KNOW how precious life is, and how fleeting it is. I have no time to get hung up on the demons of the past. I will continue to grow in faith and godly wisdom. But most importantly, I will continue to live a life that is pleasing, honorable, and acceptable according to Christ who lives in my heart!

Even this past weekend, I was reminded by God of how important and vital solid relationships are in my life. Most of you may have noticed that I began to chronicle my time at the AOC Festival 2015 last week. I’ve been planning this particular weekend ALL year, and was looking forward to it; despite that the fact that I was going to the festival alone. I didn’t really know any of my close friends that love jazz enough to spend $150 on tickets —  so I didn’t think to ask.

Fast forward to this past Friday — every thing that could go wrong DID (including my GPS/WiFi kicking out and me getting lost in Downtown Durham ALONE with no one around). Out of anger (an emotion I haven’t felt in awhile) I basically said to heck with it, and drove back to my hotel (30 minutes away) asking God — why did half of my ticket money just go down the drain. He didn’t answer me right away, but allowed me to run into MORE mishap until I found myself amongst friends. By that time I’d calmed down and ended the night on a good note as the four of us went out for a much needed dinner. His ‘lesson’ was starting to sink in.

Saturday morning arrives. I was borderline awaiting more misadventure with open arms; because at that point, I resolved that whatever God is going to allow to happen (or not happen) that day — I was going to be fine with it.

Wouldn’t you know….right on cue things fell through (again), but you should know that I was just as happy and content as I could be!


Because God held a mirror up to my face to show me that even on my “vacation” I was still “doing too much” and not leaving anything to the imagination. I was operating more like a robot instead of taking this time to rest up from work and truly enjoy time with my friends. I had already wasted one day, and I didn’t plan on wasting another one.

All day Saturday it rained, and things I’d planned to do didn’t happen — but the day still turned out perfectly. While wandering around Raleigh, I stumbled onto the BBQ restaurant I’d been looking for for almost two years, I was able to do a little shopping, AND I was able to get a few extra winks of sleep. Yes I missed hearing the jazz artists I paid close to $150 to hear, but what I got in return was SO much better!

I got a day of quality “Joc” time, and night of fun and love with the people who love me most — and THAT is why I am even more thankful for the blessings God has given me more today than ever before!


I want to say thank you to everyone who has offered up some sort of great wishes. Even if I’m not your favorite person in the world, I thank God for you too!

So beautiful people, continue to enjoy this day and live your life in excellence! Here’s to another year ya’ll — now I’ll greet you with a cyber sparkling cider toast!


ps. Thank you to Rich Griffis for photographing my beautiful birthday photos, thank you Jasmine LaToya for my rad make up, and thank you Rashaad McNeil for all of the behind the scenes work you’ve done! Love you guys! G-O-D, hold it down!


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  1. Wonderfully amazing documentary…..Thanks for sharing!

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