[new chapter, same Author.]

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful birthday messages and well wishes! Sometimes I honestly wonder if I’m doing any good in the world or if I’m just “staying busy” — to know that I am appreciated by friends and family really let me know that I am being a positive light in the lives of the very same people who shine and minister to me! So thank you!


This year, I will begin the journey of being more open to dating, love, and excitement. I will work on saying ‘no’ a little more and dial off of ‘people pleasing’. I will stop making excuses and make the sacrifice to walk in my purpose. I will accept that I may have some sleepless nights due to the fact that I am a hustler, plain and simple. I will focus more on my health and STAYING healthy. I will learn to rest when I need to. I will learn to run from the things and people who are not good for me. I will continue to work on my flaws so I can be the best Jocelyn I can be!

Looks like God is writing a very intriguing and prosperous 27th chapter!

– Joc


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