God Brings Peace — Psalms 23 In Real Life

I haven’t even had the mental energy to write  this month because of all the ‘life’ distractions looming around every corner. Given what they COULD be, my distractions aren’t really that bad; but when you have to juggle your day job, personal work, family time, friend time, AND church time — things can get a little overwhelming! In my opinion physical tiredness kicks rocks when compared to MENTAL fatigue.

This year has been a period of change for me. I’ve been placed in some uncomfortable situations and have been faced with making tough decisions regarding — life.  You can imagine a computer with a gazillion tabs open at one time….yeah, that’s a visual of my mind juggling all of these day-to-day decisions.

After having my mind racing a mile a minute every single day, yesterday, God lifted up a scripture from the pages of the Holy Bible allowed me to experience it in real life. It was Psalms 23.

After a pretty busy day at work, and going off of fumes from the busy week before, I was MORE than happy to walk through the doors of my front door. Not only was it raining a tsunami outdoors, it was still sticky and hot, so I gladly walked to my room and kicked my shoes off. I sat there for a bit trying to remember if I had anything I needed to work on.

Did I have any pictures to edit? Nope.  Did I need to work on OSR stuff? No.  Did I have to schedule anything for Next Up? Not really.

After going down the list I decided to take some time and spend it with God. So I did. I gently took out my bible, and looked up passages that dealt with my current problem of focusing on God instead of my busy schedule. After reading, I felt more at peace than I had a a LONG while, chatted with God for a while and feel asleep peacefully to the calming sounds of the beating rain outside the safety of my room walls. I truly felt that I was living out Psalms 23 and that God was leading me beside still waters and allowed me to be restored with uninterrupted sleep.

This morning I feel energized, at ease, and more focused. I know this doesn’t mean life will cease and I will be able to sit at home and do nothing but sleep, but yesterday was just the renewal and spiritual refreshing I needed to get me through the last half of this year.

When’s the last time YOU’VE lived out biblical scripture?

– Joc


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  1. Very interesting. self analysis of God’s truth and peace for us. Psalm 23 has a lot to offer all of us.

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