Joc Sees Jurassic World — EPIC!

I was able to catch the early release of the new film Jurassic World last night with my family and I just had the TIME OF MY LIFE!

A black poster featuring a red shield with a stylized Tyrannosaurus skeleton under a plaque reading "Jurassic Park". Below is the tagline "An Adventure 65 Million Years In the Making".

I have been a lifelong Jurassic Park fan, and this film just took me back to my childhood — I didn’t want the night to end~ the directors/producers did it again with this perfect mix of the Jurassic Park of old and new age — proving that the classic movie plots/lines will always be just that…classic. My niece (who is in high school) could not understand why I was SO amped about seeing this movie, but it really did my heart good to see her enjoy something I enjoyed as a kid.


In my opinion the third Jurassic Park was a little so-so …I think the only thing I really liked about that film was the fact that they brought Dr. Alan Grant back but other than that…. eh it was a little blahzay. Being the franchise fan that I am, I decided to give this new film a chance and boy it did NOT disappoint! To make last night even more memorable, I saw a guy I went to PRESCHOOL with who was autistic and was obsessed with Jurassic park back when we were kids…and the fact that I saw him last night at THAT movie premiere of all places just really made me not want to go back to the grown up world for a few days. haha

I would definitely suggest any Jurassic Park fans to go see this and introduce this world to their kids. With technology today, it’s rare that kids get to appreciate something that’s NOT a computer or social media game. Casting was great. Directing was superb. FIVE STARS!

Jurassic World poster.jpg


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  1. Movies are to entertain,educate and magnify your creative horizons…This movie has done just THAT! Thanks for sharing!

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