7 Things I learned from Smokey Robinson’s BET Awards Acceptance Speech

7 Things I learned from Smokey Robinson’s BET Awards Acceptance Speech

#1 Always remembered God is the center of all. During his acceptance speech, Smokey referenced God. I’m not sure if you noticed, but it took almost 40 minutes for someone to reference God when getting an award and after someone FINALLY did…Smokey gave an acceptance speech that was basically an opened, unashamed prayer to God – and guess what… NOBODY checked Him. That is powerful right there. When you stay true to God (YWH) and are not ashamed to give Him glory for the wonderful things he’s done in your life….no one can shut you up. I’m pretty sure there were people in that awards room that weren’t Christian or have different views on God, but Smokey gave the platform God gave him to speak and he was respected by everyone in there.

#2 Know the importance of biblical marriage roles. Smokey knows the importance of a wife as a help meet…not just having someone to ‘sex when he feels’. I saw Rihanna, Diddy, Christina Milian, and others look on in admiration as Smokey gave praises to his wife for all that she is to him. A relationship like that doesn’t happen by chance. I’m sure they had their rough patches over the time they’ve been together, but Smokey understands the boundaries of marriage and the importance of support. He recognizes that he was not meant to do life alone. A HUGE problem with modern day entertainers in particular is that they allow their personal lives to be swallowed up by the fame that surrounds them. This allows cracks in their relationships to be shredded open and infiltrated by haters and side hoes, and cheaters. You’ve got to protect your relationship and truly understand that marriage is nothing to play with. It’s a serious covenant that shouldn’t be entered into lightly or taken as a joke. You can’t wham…bam…thank you maam every girl you meet and rap or sing about how many hoes you have and expect to have a HEALTHY, happy relationship. You can’t expect to be singing about being 2 On and faded and drugged up yet then expect to be RESPECTED by men and taken seriously.  It simply doesn’t happen like that.

#3 Remember it’s not all about you. If you take a look at Smokey Robinson’s career AND this most recent acceptance speech, you’ll see that he is high off life and not haughty. I’m sure papa Smokey has his vice or two, but he doesn’t need to get high or drunk to deliver quality rhythm and blues. So many artists today depend on drugs and alcohol to keep them going on these tours and it just isn’t the same. Smokey understands that fans pay their hard earned money for his concerts, and wants to give them his best. He doesn’t have time to wreck his voice in the name of partying every night and blowing money. This love of life is reflected in his lyrics as well. He never sang about banging this chick…and shooting up this house…and killing this dude….and smacking that hoe – he wrote about love and life. These folk here belting their hearts out about casual sex, lack of commitment, and how much money they have.  They aren’t truly thinking of the fans…just surface sales. If they cared about their fans, they’d give them music to last….like Smokey.

#4 Be genuine

#5 Keep it real. Smokey put those new age entertainers on blast tonight! I’m not naming names, but you know the ones who PLAY fans like they’re God or something (and God wouldn’t play them). He called attention to the fact that NONE of the entertainers ANYWHERE would be who or where they are without God number one…but also the fans. He spoke about the fact entertainers today need to remember that they could be gone in a second. Their careers could be dust in a matter of a year. Smokey sees what’s going on, and had no problem instantly becoming EVERY in the building’s papa for a moment. We (who aren’t entertainers) can take this into our personal life and remember not to get puffed up because of that promotion, or the fact that we have direct reports…our jobs and careers could be here today and gone tomorrow, so we need to treat people with respect and love on those around us. Appreciate them. Don’t be a jerk.

#6 Remember your place in the chain of life. Smokey told all the entertainers “don’t be so full of yourselves.”  This is self-explanatory .  He laid out the fact in black and white that the entertainers of today aren’t the “first to do it” nor will they be the end all be all of the music industry. There will be someone behind them that will take the reins. So many millennials don’t pay the respect they should to older entertainers who have paved the way for them. They don’t utilize their platform to fight for black rights, and social justice – some seem to forget that they aren’t in the entertainment business to JUST make money…they’re in the thing (or should be rather) to touch people’s lives and make a POSITIVE difference. I’m not naming names again, but I see more artists causing social media drama instead of doing what they need to do. We all have to remember that we have a limited time on earth, and we need to make a positive, godly mark while we can.

#7 Be classic. Smokey Robinson’s class and style is never fading because he recognizes who and WHOSE he is. HE had Brandy crying ….that’s enough right there. People who folks today consider to be icons look up to him because he’s the truth. When he got up to perform, EVERYONE in the place sang the lyrics to his songs…young and old. People who weren’t even alive when he first started singing knew his songs and were touched by them. That says something. That inspires me to keep going when times get rough to nurture and cultivate the gifts God has placed inside of me. God doesn’t create us to be ordinary and carbon copies of each other; He desires greatness for us. We just have to position ourselves to receive His directions.

– Be Blessed, Jocelyn


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  1. Good Morning Jocelyn….Your intellect exceeds and I love it…..may GOD be the GLORY! His speech was amazing and very clear to ALL. GOD is our guide to success. Thank You!

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