Leandria Johnson Periscope Rant — Thoughts & Reflections

The video you see above is A LOT to take in….I mean A LOT!

If you’re familiar with the show Sunday’s Best, you’ll know that the drunk woman in the video cursing people out is Season 3 winner Leandria Johnson. If you missed hearing her story while competing on the show, here’s a crash course:

  • she was a single mother of 3 (now 4)
  • she was officially homeless because she was kicked out of her house not long before auditions
  • she had hit rock bottom and figured, why not try out
  • she was desperate to feel God and truly showed how low she had gotten while singing her testimony
  • she became the winner of Sunday Best in 2010 and went from homeless to superstar overnight
  • she won a Grammy the next year, 2011
  • she still stayed drinking, sexing, clubbing, and doing drugs even though her Christian witness was now on display
  • she got pregnant with her most recent child in 2012
  • she said she was “done” with her old life and felt the “call” to ministry in 2013
  • ….not just “ministry” but she felt called to pastor a church IPC (Imperfect People Changing)
  • she began her “street” ministry by encouraging night walkers and druggies to exchange weed for cigarettes…even smoking them along side these people to show them — despite the harmful effects smoking has on the body
  • she “surprisingly” lost her church to foreclosure after a year or so

….and now there is what happened last night on Periscope. The video that you see above.

In the video she’s admittedly drunk (turnt) off of Patron (alcohol, not wine); and while she isn’t at the club or party, she’s still publicly drunk. People don’t realize that doing something on social media #1 invites people into your life #2 is the same as doing or saying something on the street in public. Social media is SUPPOSED to reflect who you are in real life. So for her to curse folk out criticizing her for her actions and  correcting in love is foolery.

Ephesians 5:18 ESV says “And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit,” – now we know all they had back then was wine, but now it can include whatever alcoholic/strong beverage we have in modern day.

1 Corinthians 6:10 ESV says “Nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.”

Romans 14:21 ESV says “It is good not to eat meat or drink wine or do anything that causes your brother to stumble.”

and Proverbs 23:20-21 ESV says “Be not among drunkards or among gluttonous eaters of meat, for the drunkard and the glutton will come to poverty, and slumber will clothe them with rags.”

She perverts and misuses scripture as well — which is one of the MOST DANGEROUS things you can do regarding God and His word (especially if you proclaim to be a Christian). At least that’s how I feel about it.

She also goes in on folk who don’t agree with her by calling them fake. NO God does not want us to be fake about our struggles, BUT we need to not abuse grace, and use it for what it’s there for — which is to buy us a little time to CORRECT our mistakes and change our actions so we can totally live to please God. It’s not to use as a watered down excuse to ACTIVELY do wrong over, and over. yet still profess Christ.

I heard someone say, as a Christian, living a sinful life and being under grace should be like getting out of debt. We don’t want to be in debt our entire lives, so we work hard to get out and stay out. The same should be with sinful living. And I’ll go and add my 2 cents on that one — when we’re in debt, yes, we enjoy the nice clothes and things we buy that keep us further into debt; but at the end of the day we are still in a bad place. So we work hard to exercise discipline and self control on our spending, sell some things, remove some things that aren’t necessary, and we work our way out of debt. When we’re out, we use what we learned in that ‘debt freedom’ process and put it to use so we’ll NEVER go back. The SAME thing should go for our struggles with drunkenness, fornication, premarital sex, homosexuality, lying, envying, cheating — yeah those things may be satisfying to some up front, but on the back end our soul is dying and we’re disappointing God. We should get rid of these practices from our lives and remove ourselves from environments or people who encourage these lifestyles. Once we’re free, we need to use the self control we’ve built over that ‘purging’ process and STAY FREE from a sinful lifestyle! There is a difference between slipping up and doing something over and over.

( to be continued on the next post….)

— Joc



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3 responses to “Leandria Johnson Periscope Rant — Thoughts & Reflections

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  2. Mrs.James

    He who is without sin cast the first stone……with that being said DROP THE ROCK OUT YOUR HAND FRIEND and love her back to her “God” ordained place.

    • I appreciate your insight and comment but there is no stone in my hand, just a bible. I have done my share of dirt in the past; however, know that “correcting in love” is not “throwing stones”. Those in Christ shouldn’t be offended when someone acknowledges behavior that isn’t Christ Like (according to His Word). I have had my issues with drinking in the past and was defensive when someone used to call attention to the fact that my drunkenness was damaging my witness. If it weren’t for them calling me out, I wouldn’t be 5 years + without a drink and totally celibate . I by NO MEANS expect Leandria to be perfect because — who is?! But when you are in leadership, you are to be held at a higher standard. I pray daily that God changes something in her life so she can be THE BEST that God has her to be. If I came off like I was condemning her, I apologize because that is not what I was trying to do, BUT I do know that Galations 6 AND 2 Timothy say and will NEVER apologize for reminding everyone about correcting in love. WE wouldn’t be her true brothers and sisters in Christ if we didn’t help her see what needs to change and support her as she makes those changes.

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