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If this isn’t my life in a nutshell!!

If this isn’t my life in a nutshell!! ❤ #90skid #80sbaby

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Tim Wolfe’s Resignation — Racism, Oppression, and University

If you’re always abreast of what’s going on in current events, you’ve probably heard that president of the University of Missouri Tim Wolfe has resigned. 

Well why on EARTH is that news? Keep reading.

Anyone who is wise knows that racism is still alive and well. Unfortunately due to the progressions we HAVE been allowed to experience in most recent decades, people think that it’s over…that words like nigger and coon don’t hold weight any more. That is a lie. A dog faced lie at that. 

Unfortunately, many African American students at MIZZOU have been on the receiving end of racial slurs and discrimination throughout the university’s extensive history and a solid few also known as the ConcernedStudent1950 group  decided to educate people on this history of bigotry smack in the middle of a homecoming parade. Now I’m not going to speak on whether I think the choice of venue was the best, but there is no doubt it was effective. A schools homecoming is where students and patrons can take pride in where their school has been and where it’s going — so there will undoubtedly be floods of people in the crowds. 

To make a long story short, the group held up MIZZOU’s annual parade and stood defiantly in front of president Wolfe’s car while shouting facts to the crowd on bull horns, informing them on the many instances black students were racially attacked, underprivileged, and left out. One of the protesters was even clipped by the car the Wolfe was riding in while he watched in silence. Enough of the commentary, see for yourself below…..

Now read what happened next….

Wolfe did not address the incident for nearly a month. It wasn’t until Butler was on his hunger strike, calling for Wolfe to resign, that the president finally issued a statement on Nov. 6 apologizing for just sitting there as his driver tried to steer around the students.

“I regret my reaction at the MU homecoming parade when the ConcernedStudent1950 group approached my car,” Wolfe said. “I am sorry, and my apology is long overdue. My behavior seemed like I did not care. That was not my intention. I was caught off guard in that moment. Nonetheless, had I gotten out of the car to acknowledge the students and talk with them perhaps we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

But by the time Wolfe made that statement, the activists were already calling for his removal. It was his inaction at the homecoming parade, on top of what students said was silence from him in light of other racist incidents at his schools, that resulted in calls for his removal. 

“He does not understand systems of oppression, yet claims to care about Black students,” the students said in a petition started last week. “He did not intervene in the violence students faced during the peaceful parade demonstration on October 10, 2015 and has not apologized or recognized his negligence. We are asking for the immediate removal of Tim Wolfe.”

A day after Wolfe’s apology for the homecoming parade incident, black Mizzou football players— with the support of their coach — announced they would strike until Wolfe stepped down. On Monday morning, Wolfe resigned


highlighted text via Tyler Kingkade of Huffington Post

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