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My Thoughts on Being The Last One Standing

last one standing

The Last One Standing

Written by  Brittany Jones

In a society where it always feels like “engagement season” or people are entering in new relationships, being alone is like a taboo. Nobody wants to be alone especially around the holidays.

It’s the inevitable that you will get asked the questions “you’re not dating yet?” “When do you plan on settling down and getting married?” And so on and so forth.

In my particular circle I am the last one standing. As a Christian woman I come to this battle within myself and I am sure other women can relate as well.

On one hand I get that small fragment of jealousy of my friends because I am in my flesh, but then I begin to see the beauty in the whole grand scheme of things. Who wouldn’t want their friend or loved one to be happy and joyful that God has blessed them in such a way that has lead them into marriage, to an engagement, or the preparation of both? For me it gives me great pleasure to encourage and uplift my friends who are taking that big step in life! I may be the last one standing, but if God can do it for them… why can’t He do it for me? The answer is… He can and I have faith that He will!

Waiting on God’s best yes for us isn’t easy, but it’s so necessary! We often don’t want to go through the process to get to the promise. We tend to want to bypass that part, but we simply can’t. And there is beauty in that. So to all my single ladies who feel like you are the last one standing… just know that you are not alone and stay encouraged. I am praying for you.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him and He will make your paths straight” Proverbs 3:5-6

My thoughts on this….

I’ve walked this walk for a few years and have been more fulfilled than I ever imagined! Yeah there have been some times where I desired companionship, but as time went on, I recognized the importance of not only WAITING for the right man to come along, but WORKING on myself as I was waiting.

In my time of singleness I’ve learned more about myself than I EVER imagined:

  • What I won’t settle for in a relationship

  • What my deal breakers are

  • What’s important to me

  • What type of woman I am in a relationship

  • What benefits can I contribute to a relationship

  • What types of dreams and goals God has placed in my heart

  • How I want my future husband to lead my future family

  • What type of wife I plan to be

….. the list goes on. Yes there have been moments of “sighs”. Yes there have been nights I’ve wanted to go out for a night on the town with “my boo”. Yes there are times I didn’t want to hear from church members “just trust God honey”…. but when it’s all said and done, I’m thankful for those times. The times of struggle during my process has made me more hopeful for my future promise. I’m thankful that I can truly rejoice and celebrate my friends getting married and starting families because I know that one day, that will be me!

So if you’re single and feel a little weary (especially during these holidays) just know that all of your prepping will pay off! Trust me!

Happy New Year’s Eve!  – Joc


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