When You Are Faithful To God, He Will ….

Let me tell you all how GREAT and faithful God [YAHWEH] is! As many of you know, I’ve been holding a vow of celibacy for going on 6 years now; wearing a ring to outwardly signify that covenant to the world AND serve as a reminder to myself that God’s will for my life is better than my own. Early last month while working out of town, I lost it. Over the past year I normally kept it in a lockbox for safe keeping but decided to wear it this day of ALL days! When I lost it I was disappointed, but not sad or in despair. I knew that my celibacy wasn’t hinged on me wearing that ring, and that ring or not, my vow stood! I thought about purchasing another one, but I’d gotten it so long ago, it was no longer in stock. Still… I was fine and rejoiced in God’s strength even more. WELLLLLLL, this morning I opened a text from a family friend who sent a picture of a ring they FOUND while walking around. Wouldn’t ya’ll know it was my ring!!! On the inside of my ring is an inscription of Jeremiah 29:11 and it is a beautiful reminder today that ONLY if we are found in God and made righteous through a relationship with Jesus Christ, He will guide and prosper us. This year hasn’t been a “day in the park” for me, but has brought me into an even closer communion with the Lord. It has given me a new, fresh look at how He protects and guides me. Not sure what you’ll get from this if you actually read the entire status, but let me suggest walking away with one thought: when you are faithful to God and live in HIS will, He will honor you for it. 

Stay encouraged — Jocelyn



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2 responses to “When You Are Faithful To God, He Will ….

  1. I enjoyed reading this message. Everyone needs to read and search themselves for living for JESUS is so rewarding and everlasting. Thanks for sharing..

  2. Thank You Jocelyn! GOD protects and guides HIS children… Remain true to HIM!

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