Make Every Day a Thankful One!

If you’ve been living life a while, it’s honestly almost too easy to forget ALL of the ways God has made in your life. On one hand, I would like to think that we can give ourselves a little grace here because when you’re talking decades, that’s a lot of information to hold on to. If you remember the MAJOR miracles you’re probably doing alright.

BUT there comes a time where we truly need to look back year by year and identify the ‘little’ or ‘unseen’ ways the LORD has made for us. Then we need to RECOGNIZE His hand in it all and thank Him for it!

That brings me to this morning. I woke up out of my sleep EXTREMELY thankful and amazed at what God has brought me through. I think about the BIG miracles daily, but the recent murder of an old classmate unearthed the times where I really was ONE moment away from disaster.  But God!


I remembered how (after my sexual assault) I came home to rumors spread by the VERY guy who assaulted me. It crushed me because my good name/virtue was (and still is) VERY important to me. I was that girl who was sweet to all and thought the best of everyone; truly innocent at heart. But God…… gave me the courage to press on in the face of attacks on my character all while ultimately vindicating me.


I remembered the time I had a severe allergic reaction during a college night of drinking; instead of dying on the spot, my body simply hit snooze and I curled up and went to sleep. I woke up looking a HOT mess….But God let me live instead of go into anaphylactic shock.


I remembered the time my pistons blew while I was driving two hours away from home (after a very disrespectful exit from my parents’ house earlier that week.) Instead of the pistons blowing back into the car and killing me, my car simply shut down and conked out. But God….forgave me and saved my life regardless of my disobedient behavior.


I remembered the year (not too long ago) I was facing having to pay $300 a month for health insurance due to a company restructure. But God….worked a ‘behind-the-scenes miracle’ and somehow knocked my bill down to under $100 by the time the first next cycle came around.


I remembered the times where I felt I would never find godly, goal-oriented friends who still liked to laugh and kid around. It was so lonely and every day felt like I was in limbo. I’m too churchy for my old friends but too worldly for my church friends. But God….allowed me to meet and reconnect with some amazing people who are now part of my tribe. We pray, we study the bible together, we laugh, we dance, we sing our hearts out.


I LITERALLY could go on and on; as I’m sure you all could! This week, take some time to really sit in a quiet space and think about your life. Even if it’s only during the 2.7 minutes of alone time you have in the car before walking in to get the kids or if it’s during your work commute. Regardless of how tough your life has been, I know you can find at least ONE thing to be thankful for. I know you can find at least ONE ‘BUT GOD’ moment when inspecting the timeline of your years.

There is no real ‘rhyme or reason’ for this post; I just HAD to publicly say that in the good times and in the TERRIBLE times, God has always given me something to be thankful for. Thanks for reading this little testimony. Happy Monday!


— Peace & Blessings, Joc

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