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**The Road To 27** Post 5 of 7 – Health

I know health is an awkward thing to reflect on the week of your birthday, but hey, it’s something that’s important to me!

From the second I was conceived, I battled and fought to have a healthy life. When my mom was in her last trimester, doctors could see that something “wasn’t right” with me. In the eighties, technology wasn’t as advanced as it is now, so basically all they could do was speculate.

On the day of my birth, it was discovered that I had a massive brain tumor that prevented a large portion of my skull from forming. To make things even more perplexing, I was the first case in US history to have a brain tumor connected to ANOTHER arachnoid cyst, which rested in my throat. Doctors were flown in from overseas and it was predicted that IF I survived the first day or so, I would be nothing more than a common vegetable. After not being able to even HOLD me after I was birthed, those doctors sat there and told my parents (as I lie in the UNC Chapel Hill Hospital NICU) that I would never walk, I would never learn to speak, and that I would never to be able to do anything more than stare up as they faced a lifetime of changing, feeding, and cleaning me. Can you IMAGINE how that felt?!

Needless to say, I’m here typing this blog, so OBVIOUSLY God had much better plans for me! I am so thankful for praying parents and family!

As I grew, I was in and out of the hospital for check ups, maintenance, and a few other minor things (given the enormity of my first diagnosis) — but other than a few tussles with asthma, I was as good as gold!

One thing always rested heavily on my mind though….would I be healthy enough to ever have my OWN children?


If you have met me over the past 10 years, you would probably think of me as a head strong, determined, career oriented, “I can do bad all by myself” type person. The truth is, that’s not at all who I am. My number one goal/desire in life (and always have been) was to be a wife and mother (emphasis on the mother part). I am still striving daily to advance in life and excel in a career that makes me happy, but it doesn’t take the place of family. To be honest, I am totally find with being a housewife and working from home if it means I can spend more time with my future kids. One issue with that according to my neonatal surgeons…. is that the shunt doctors wired throughout my body runs through the entire length of my torso — thus on paper, make it risky to carry a baby.

Let me stop right here and say that though I’ve battled suppressing these negative thoughts throughout life, I have learned to lean on God in faith through Jesus Christ my Savior who made it possible for me to even come to God’s majestic throne and ASK for a miracle. So whatever God’s will for my life is, I believe wholeheartedly, that it will include me being a mother SOME WAY, some how. Ok…now back to the reflection…

Toxic thoughts began to knock at the doors of my mind at an early age saying “Who is going to marry someone who needs so much medical care?” and “What man will want a woman who can’t bare children?” and “If you want someone, you’ll have to settle.”, and “You might as well just cope with being single forever, because it isn’t medically possible or safe for you to have your own children.” — the lies continued on and on.

Up until my first year out of college, I was able to keep thinking positive as I rose above those negative thoughts and denied them access into my psyche. But after a brief bout will illness in 2011, these thoughts exploded back onto the scene with a vengeance. I would literally sit in my room and cry….just cry. All those terrible “doctor’s predictions” came knocking louder as anger tried to rest in my heart as I witnessed these hoodrat chicks (just being real here folks) and TODDLERS pop out babies they didn’t take care of or didn’t even really want. I even found myself getting upset at some of my friends who’d had babies out of wedlock — because here they were venting to me about the struggles of having a child, when I would GLADLY take on that struggle if it meant being a wife and a mother. (those feelings are now gone by the way)

It’s taken some years, but now — here upon year 27 — I’m on the path to continued healthy living! Emotionally and physically. I am trying to keep my weight down…I’m adopting new exercise plans…and I’m focusing on healthy eating. I have now resolved those emotional issues that once plagued me (and work at it daily), I haven’t had any serious health problems (and I don’t plan to) and most importantly, I realize that whatever man I marry will have to accept me for my past, where I am in my present, and be willing to create a future together with me — however and whenever we are blessed with our children.  ❤


Photo shot and edited by Rich Griffis (www.richgriffis.com)

[photo by Rich Griffis ]


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If God’s Been Good Then Make Some Noise (Fatman Scoop Voice)

Last night was one of the most rewarding nights I had in awhile…..know why?

Last night was rewarding because I actually got to present myself and my business to a group of my peers in a leadership class I’ve been taking since the beginning of the year!

Most people I went to school with years ago have already gone back for their masters, failed, or racked up a few additional degrees since graduation. Me on the other hand…I’ve been working. That’s it. Working and nothing more.

Yeah I’ve embarked on business ventures of my own outside of my full time day job, but I’ve done nothing that was really school related until now. Until now, I never really thought I’d even WANT to go back to school! My last semester of college, I worked WHILE I took my final classes, and that was TRULY a sacrifice. The commute, the fatigue, the homework, my relationship at the time — it was stressful. I told myself that I never wanted to do that again!

So when I was approached TWICE to take part in this emerging leadership class this January, I was a little hesitant. Eventually (after some prayer and convincing) I showed up and now, halfway through the course, I’m here typing this blog post; having just completed my first presentation (non work related) in years!

Though my class is small, I’ve met so many other emerging leaders who also manage their own endeavors and know the delicate balance of juggling your full time job and your hustle. I’m making connections, but not only that, forging new relationships. I’m not saying I’m meeting the people who will be my future BFFs, but cool people who I wouldn’t mind hanging out with. Genuine, good people!

I must truly say that I’ve struggled for almost 5 years with how I WANTED to ‘do’ my life and how God wanted me to do it — and though each day isn’t all sunshine and peaches, I know who holds my life in Their hands and I know that He has plans to PROSPER me, not to harm me, but to give me a hope and a future! If I would’ve gone my own way, I would probably be homeless in Atlanta right now, a struggling photographer sleeping on someone’s couch. I’m thankful and humbled that God hit me with that spiritual stop sign when He did. Though people may look at my life and feel I’m not living up to my potential, I’m doing okay. I work hard every day to really tune into God and ‘do’ life the way He wants me to — because at the end of the day, He will give me BETTER, when all I can ever do of my own merit is just GOOD.

I’ve already been blessed beyond measure and am ACTIVELY walking towards my wonderful destiny! I’m proud to say, as of right now, I’m not doing good….I’m doing God. ❤

– Joc

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I’ve Got A Question For You…. (Christians Only Chat)

As Christians living in this millennium, there has always been this increasing discussion (sometimes debate) as to how a Christian (a follow of Christ) should act. What is ‘human nature’ and what is blatant sin.

I normally give my commentary, but today I want to read the honest opinions of what others think, feel, and believe. I know my own personal thoughts — and some weren’t easy to come to — but I want YOUR honest thoughts

Note that what this is NOT is a set up for a fight.

With this being said…. I have a few questions for you.

QUESTION A – Do you hold gospel/Christian music singers to the same moral standard as preachers/ministers?

QUESTION B – Would you attend (or stay at) a church where you know the pastor or ministerial staff dabbles in deviant activities or a lifestyle that is contrary to the teachings of Christ? What if they preach truth straight from the bible but are just not living as a Christian ought?


Would you regularly attend or join a church where the pastor…

  1. Drank socially (this includes wine and coolers)
  2. Openly carried on a homosexual relationship
  3. “Discretely” carried on a homosexual lifestyle
  4. Smoke cigarettes or Black-and-Milds (no weed)
  5. Married or was married to someone who drank heavily and did drugs
  6. Gossiped or had a bad attitude at times
  7. Was not a “people person”


Would you regular buy the music of, support, and listen to a gospel/Christian artist who….

  1. Drank socially (this includes wine and coolers)
  2. Openly carried on a homosexual relationship
  3. “Discretely” carried on a homosexual lifestyle
  4. Smoke cigarettes or Black-and-Milds (no weed)
  5. Married or was married to someone who drank heavily and did drugs
  6. Gossiped or had a bad attitude at times
  7. Was not a “people person”

Just open a blank word document or take out a scratch piece of paper and just write down your simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Comment on this post… I’m eager to see how your mind thinks!

– Be blessed, Joc


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Young Pastor on BGSU Campus Addresses Radical Extremist



Joc’s Thoughts:

Back when I was at East Carolina University (aka America’s Party Grounds) we had guys like this radical extremist who FAITHFULLY stood at every corner of every restaurant or at Joyner Library preaching fire and brimstone.  Being totally honest, I WAS living a false Christian lifestyle meaning: I professed to live for Christ and had the knowledge of Him (because of my Christian upbringing), but I CHOSE to willingly live in the world. I figured “Hmmph, I know God, I go to church, he ain’t talking to me because I got saved in the 2nd grade.” The underlying truth was that I WAS headed to hell — and if I died at that very second I knew that I would soon meet the devil and his imps. BUT GOD (somebody say BUT GOD) allowed me to come in contact with young Christians who, unlike me at the time, were SERIOUS about their walks with Christ and showed me that I had to ask for God to give me strength to overcome my sinful nature and show me how to walk in HIS Word. They didn’t throw a bible at me or tell me no matter what I was going to hell — like that extremist did. They did it a firm way AND by living lives that PHYSICALLY showed me what it meant to walk as a Christian ought.

Now that I am wholeheartedly living and working for Christ, I now know that there is a way that we should, as Christians, give hope to those who are still in the world or straddling the fence. YES living willingly in sin CAN and WILL land you in hell — I will not be fake about that — but WE ourselves can’t physically put anyone in Hell because we are not God. Every man has to work out his own salvation with God the Father and if a person chooses a life of sin…so be it. We don’t have to be friends with them or spend all of our time with them. We have to be satisfied in knowing that we have done our part as God’s mouthpieces by witnessing and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. If the people we are witnessing to say “We want to live totally for God and escape the grasp of Hell” then we need to rejoice and assist in their transition into a true Christian lifestyle.

As the young pastor explained in the video, we need to encourage those living for the world and let them know that even though they got it wrong today, tomorrow is another day to get it right. NO we don’t want them to continuously live and walk in sin and participate in sinful acts without conviction, but we acknowledge that, “Hey, we were once in your shoes until we allowed God to change our lives.”

I am glad my little sis Jazmine posted this. I don’t agree with the students inturrupting and being obnoxious at time, but hey — the message was brought forth. I hope my commentary spoke to someone.

– Joc


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God will wash your Sins with His blood, If you Ask Him

God will wash your Sins with His blood, If you Ask Him

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Boondocks Creator Set To Premiere Newest Creation “Black Jesus” — SAY WHAT?!


Let me start this off saying I used to watch Boondocks and despite “pushing the envelope” thought it was funny. Then I took a step back and realized how playing my part in keeping it on the air wasn’t really doing much to better society. Just give a cheap laugh, so I stopped watching it. Now Aaron McGruder is cranking out his next creation and it doesn’t look pretty.

I don’t consider myself a “fire and brimstone” type of Christian because I have not always been the person I am now; however, certain things I feel are clearly out of order and out of control — this show being one of them. After taking a look at the show’s synopsis and sneak peeks, I am saddened because while the character of Jesus in this context is set in modern day Compton, attempting to spread love — “the show puts the Son of God in modern-day Compton, where he curses, hangs out with drug dealers, changes bottled water into cognac, and smokes blunts.” (Time.com)


Yes, and after days of previews, the show airs tonight (8/7/14) on Adult Swim.  While I will not be watching or supporting this, I will continue to pray and stay focus on my own walk. Also while I will do my part to express my disdain for the show — I understand that the majority of the people who watch Adult Swim and who will enjoy this show also enjoy their weed, and their partying, and their endless violent video games, and their rock bands, and their binge drinking, and their partying, and their body modifications — all people who don’t exactly scream “I LOVE THE LORD AND I AM LIVING THE LIFE OF THE PERFECT WITNESS!” I understand that there is a way you need to go about doing things.

It’s the same thing with companies using “X-Mas” instead of “Christmas” on their ads. I believe in the one true God and my personal Savior Jesus Christ; but I also know that everyone else doesn’t feel the same way. As long as I do my part and let the world see Christ through how I live MY life, then I believe I can do far more than if I were to drive outside WalMart and start a picket line or fiery mob because the rollback ads didn’t say “Merry Christmas”. The same will be for this show. I will show my disapproval for it by NOT WATCHING IT and do it UNapologetically. If the ratings aren’t good, the show won’t matter. Time is money for television networks.

I saw the above photo posted on Isaac Carree’s FB page — so if you want to participate and share your thoughts by phone, you can call the number. If you want to check out the previews for yourself peep one of the clips below…. – Joc




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When I say… “I am a Christian”

When I say… “I am a Christian”
I’m not claiming to be perfect,
My flaws are far too visible
But, God believes I am worth it.

When I say… “I am a Christian”
I still feel the sting of pain.
I have my share of heartaches
So I call upon His name.

When I say… “I am a Christian”
I’m not holier than thou,
I’m just a simple sinner
Who received God’s good grace, somehow.”

― Carol Wimmer


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