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Bow Wow FIRED for Using Company Funds for Child Support **LESSON**

According to ( http://creambmp.com/articles/bow-wow-fired-106-park-using-company-card-pay-child-support/ ), Bow Wow; aka Shad Moss, has been fired from his job as host of BET’s 106 & Park. Why you ask? Because apparently he used a company card (that was supposed to be used for clothes and travel) to pay his $30,000 child support bill to his baby’s mother Joie Chavis.

Although this has been cleared as a rumor,there ares still lessons to be learned.

This isn’t the first time a person of color has gotten into some sticky situations misusing company funds. Last November, new bride La’Reese Darville was accused of using her father’s company credit cards to finance her $50,000 wedding and arrested shortly after her wedding day. I’m not going to get into the discussion of whether Bow Wow or Darville KNEW the wrong in what they were doing, but what I will comment on is the need for young people and people of color to do their research and be smart with their money!

black_blo_caro_page-bg_34059If you are in your 20s, 30s, or are a person of color you must develop some sense of CREDIT CARD MANAGEMENT! Not speaking on Bow and the runaway bride specifically, but you need to be aware of what you are spending and WHAT you’re spending it on. I think people forget that a credit card does not equal free, liquid money….you have to pay that money back! So if you are working for a company and they give you a card to use for a very specific purpose, it is IMPERATIVE that you stick to that. You might be tempted to take some “money out the pot” and put it back it, but if you want to prevent slip ups and stay out of trouble, it’s best to avoid using company funds for uses other than the ones they allow.

Secondly people of color HAVE TO…HAVE TO….HAVE TO be aware of the fact that they ARE a person of color!! Meaning: that because of our country’s history, you will be looked at more closely by EVERYONE. As a person of color you (on the basic level of someone’s mind) will be EXPECTED to cheat, steal, bootleg, and cut corners. I’m not saying that people who are white or European don’t do these things, but unfortunately, as a person of color, there will be someone (whether they are white or black) who will be waiting for you to mess up. SO it’s important to not think you are some big Fat Cat exec who can manipulate the system and get away with it. Just follow the rules and play it cool. It would almost have been better for Bow Wow to BORROW that child support money from someone or just be late and suffer the consequences — hey, at least he’d be trying. He NEEDED this hosting gig…and when I say need, I mean it in THEEEE worst way! Now he’s betrayed the trust of the company who didn’t count him out and he’s left without a job and STILL has to find a way to pay that child support.


The last thing I think would have saved Bow Wow and La’Reese Darville some face is if they would have scaled down their expenses. FACE IT. Because of our social history and culture, people of color often associate extravagant tastes with status.THAT’S HOW YOU GO BROKE!Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses and catch fire later! If Bow Wow was cranking out the hits like he was when he had the ‘Lil’ in front of his name, oh yes, he and his Black Card could probably afford to support a whole slew of children. But now that Bow’s hype has dwindled over these past years, and the demand for his is less than impressive; he should have eaten all of that humble pie life laid out for him and regroup his focus. That’s how Tia and Tamera did it. That’s how Charlie Wilson did it. Fame is not guaranteed so you have to be smart. If you take a pay cut, you need to downsize to accommodate your income. There is nothing wrong with trading in Louis Vuitton for Express. Shoot as long as you have a clean place to lay your head and clean clothes on your body you are good! There is nothing wrong with eating Hibachi Express either! When you get to the place that you can comfortably spend a little extra on splurge items — by all means, do it! Just don’t stretch your pocket to maintain a lifestyle that isn’t NECESSARY to survive.


To sum everything up, Bow should have been wiser with his money. He should have consulted a lawyer, trustworthy friend, or EVEN BET finance officers JUST to make sure he was able to legally do what he did.

Whatever the case…this is a MAJOR lesson learned.

– Joc

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