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How to Get Out of [insert struggle here]…and STAY OUT! Part 1

A close friend and I were talking about the power of change. As a Christian, I believe that ‘Christianity’ should be more than just a religion, but a relationship. One of the most challenging tasks as a Christian is trying to figure out how to live IN the world without being OF it.

Let me say this before I finish: this is MY personal blog and I respect differing opinions; however, what I believe and how I live my life as a Christian speaks to how I feel I can best glorify God and live as a Christian ought. If you don’t agree with the same things as I and you’re a Christian…so be it. Your soul is your soul; but I will not be ashamed of God or Jesus Christ who is MY Savior. If you’re not of the Christian faith, then you probably won’t agree with me anyway so all I ask is that you be respectful of my thoughts.


I’ve noticed that a lot of Christians who have been delivered from their specific ‘bondage’ are having a hard time trying to figure out why they keep falling back in. As a born again (and rededicated) Christian, I want to lay out some key facts to seriously shed some light on how NOT to fall back into old habits.

(side bar – and even if you aren’t a Christian, the same can go for your life as well ie/ toxic ex’s, drug addictions, etc)

#1 Once you get out…stay out! 

If you have the desire to no longer be a liar, a thief, a drug user, homosexual, promiscuous, etc you need to realize that once you have made that decision, you don’t need to hang around the same places or people anymore. I can almost, certainly guarantee that you will get backlash from others…but who cares!? It’s YOUR life you are trying to better. If you have been delivered from alcoholism your tail has NO business being at $2 Tuesday every week ‘hanging out’. If your friends are your TRUE friends, they will understand that you aren’t ‘about that life’ anymore and will not make you feel terrible for making the decisions you make. If the only thing they do is club and drink, you need to revamp your friends circle because all it’s going to do is constantly test you. If you no longer want to be promiscuous or homosexual it will be hard for you to stay away from old habits if you accept an invite for a ‘movie night at 3am on a Friday night’. That’s just setting yourself up for the fail. If it takes distancing yourself from people who will entice you back into the life you’re trying to escape…then do it! Your soul and happiness are more important that trying to keep a ‘friend’ or ‘hang out’.

…..more points to follow

– Joc

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