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You Are Perfection [Joc’s Commentary]

Yesterday I posted a quote by the amazingggg Trent Shelton. 

For your refreshment….. 

You’re PERFECT for the heart that’s meant to love you. –Trent Shelton 

This may seem like an odd thing for some people to read (I can already hear the head scratching going on) but if you really read it with your spiritual eyes, it makes [perfect] sense (no pun intended).haha 

It is humanly IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to be a perfect being and Lord knows we all suffer from a slew of imperfections; but the significant other (aka ‘heart’) that God has brewing is His ‘perfect’ match for us. Both of you may have some issues that God is working on now, but by the time your paths merge into one, you will have the strengths to support each others’ weaknesses. In your singleness, just keep working on yourself and know that at the end of your ‘journey-of-singleness’ you will be molded and transformed into the PERFECT [one] that [their] heart has been waiting for!

– Joc

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[For] Sinners Who Are Probably Going To Sin Again…

We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God; there’s no denying that fact. It’s stated explicitly in Romans 3:23. That verse is sure to give any self-righteous Christian a healthy reality check, or at least I hope it would. However, lately I’ve been noticing that many Christians like to use verses like Romans 3:23 to justify staying in a perpetual state of sin. Even I have been guilty of this. While I am fully aware of the grace we have been granted through Christ’s sacrifice, I am a firm believer in Luke 24:8, “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.” So no, I do not believe that grace give us license to live however we feel because forgiveness is only a hand clasp away. I actually resent the idea of people using grace as an excuse to not live according to the standard God has set for us in His word. I also don’t care to debate with other self-proclaimed Christians about what constitutes sin, because I believe that as long as you read the word of God and have a relationship with Him, you should know what His precepts are. The issue many of us have is not really being ignorant to what God wants from us; it’s the obedience part that we tend to have a problem with.

If you are any at all a Christian, you have experienced the uncomfortable yet beautiful feeling of conviction, when you’re not walking in accordance to God’s will. But what you do with that conviction speaks volumes about your relationship with Him. Merely acknowledging that you “feel some type of way” about what you’re doing, or not doing, is not enough if you’re not taking the necessary steps to correct that area of your life. I am a Christian who likes to keep it real. My days of feigning perfection left me about 5 years ago. However, there’s a difference between being transparent about your imperfections as a person, and blatantly and shamelessly broadcasting your sins. We should never be so comfortable in a state of sin that we proudly share it as everyday news with others. The moment we no longer feel convicted about something we know is wrong, we need to be very concerned.

Recently a brother asked me if I could see myself being with a “struggling Christian man.” I kind of laughed to myself when I read the text, because now a days the word struggle is used very very loosely among Christians. Struggling now a days could mean, “I can’t control my sexual urges and I have sex from time to time, but God knows my heart, and He knows I WANT to do better.” Struggling can also mean, “Lately I’ve been feeling convicted about my drinking, but when I’m in a social setting I just can’t be the only one not sipping, so I’m going to sip, but only on occasions.” Struggling now a days seems to mean acknowledging that what you’re doing is wrong, but continuing to do it, because it’s much easier to “repent,” and possibly deal with the guilt, than to really make an effort to curb whatever your sin happens to be. That’s not struggle, that’s disobedience. Let’s get technical for a second; the word struggle according to means: “to contend RESOLUTELY with a task, problem, etc.” and the word disobedience is defined as: “lack of obedience or refusal to comply; disregard or transgression.” So if you’re not resolute in your decision to refrain from a particular sin, you are not struggling; you are disregarding your conviction and simply refusing to comply with God’s precepts.

When Christ died for us, He did not die just to give us forgiveness for the sins He anticipated us committing; He died to give us POWER over those sins, so we would not become slaves to them.

What shall we say then? Are we to continue in sin that grace may abound? By no means! How can we who died to sin still live in it? Do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death? We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life. Roman 6:1-4As Christians we should not accommodate sin in our lives by making excuses or justifications for it, or living in anticipation of committing them. Instead of just being sinners who are probably going to sin again, we should live every day resolved to walk in the newness of life that grace has afforded us. And in those moments of falling short, we should allow our convictions to kill our sinful vibes, rather than basking in them. Our lack of effort to walk circumspectly is disrespectful to Christ; He did not die an extraordinary death for us to live mediocre Christian lives.

urbancusp com

– Written by Ashley Wisdom ( Contributor)


Here is the link to the entire article:

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You Are Perfection

You’re PERFECT for the heart that’s meant to love you. –Trent Shelton
** Joc Commentary Coming Soon **

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Insert Praise Break Here!

When your steps are ordered, you don’t have to compete!! ‪#‎winningthisrace

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Turn Down For What?! Here are a Few Reasons WHY…

Many Christians are out here talking about ‘turn up!’ — ‘turn down for what?!’ While some just say it out of fun, or to joke; over half actually feed in to the age old spell of lyrics and try to live out their life like it’s a song.

THIS IS A JOC ANNOUNCEMENT *** NEWS FLASH **** No one’s life is a song. Not even the artists/songwriters themselves! I always tell people, don’t fall into the trap of music. While music is great and helps enhance whatever environment we’re in, we need to be careful to remember that your life resumes after the song ends. A song is one single emotion drawn out and beautified in a 3-4 minute song. Realize that you can have fun and have moments of fun, but every second of life is not going to be a party.

Stop turning up and getting so drunk that you sleep with every guy you walk by. Stop turning up and wondering why you’re not doing good at work dispite the clear fact that you have a hangover and a concussion from the night before. Stop turning up and wondering why you always getting locked up for fighting (drunk). Stop turning up and getting involved in accidents or breaking every rib in your chest because you stumbled into oncoming traffic while walking home from the club. Stop turning up yet getting upset when you have to do the ‘walk of shame’ in the morning with the same nasty, sweaty clothes you threw up on the other night. Stop turning up and wondering why you keep having kids. Stop turning up and wondering why your kids are getting in fights everyday an acting up in school — even though they spend 95% of their time with your parents because you’re too busy ‘living the life’. ….I can go on and on…really, but I’ll stop here.

Before anyone thinks “this chick is so super saved, where does she get off being so self righteous”, you must know that this I am farrrrr from it! I have been there and done TWICE beyond that before I got serious about my walk with Christ so I am well equipped and justified in commenting on this ‘epidemic’. It’s ok to throw popular sayings around for fun…but the moment you start trying to live your life to FIT a song…that’s not going to work out in the end (if you keep it up).

Just remember — once you’re over the age of 20, you need to start getting serious about your future. Calm down all that partying. Call down all that extra stuff — just use wisdom and balance.

Ok…enough of my thoughts…check out what Trent had to say!

Trent Shelton: Turn Down 4 What?

– Joc

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Should Women Propose to Their Men/Boyfriends?

How do you feel about women proposing to men? Is a woman too pushy or desperate by proposing? Would you rather wait for a proposal?

As many of you may or may not know, I’m a contributing editor for WEEN (Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network) and this week’s Hot Topic is TOO good not to post here on my personal blog! Whether you’re a man, woman, boy, or girl — you MUST join in on the discussion!! 

Read this week’s Hot Topic & share your thoughts at:


– Joc

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Listening Has Its Benefits (and Blessings)

Listening is a skill that has to be taught, practiced, and mastered! In teaching, you open the doors for obedience. In practicing, you learn. In mastering, Wisdom increases. -We have to learn how to listen, if we don’t, what’s the point of asking God to speak?
– Deandra Stills
NOW for my personal commentary:
A friend of mine from college posted this statement on her personal page and I couldn’t help but give a “that’s good…mmhmm..yeah yeah.” This is truth that all of us need to sit back and take the time to reflect on. Many times our lives are going a million miles a second and when things get stressful or a tad hectic, we’ll nonchalantly throw up a “Lord Jesus, You’ve gotta help me through this day!” or a “God why can’t I seem to get this right?” or “Lord, why isn’t this relationship working like I want or this job coming through like I’ve been praying?” — and we don’t even listen out for the answer.
Many times God is trying to tell us through the Holy Spirit that He is letting something ‘good’ pass by because around the corner He has something ‘GREAT’ for us! We can’t see or accept ‘greatness’ if we’re stuck on keeping ‘good’ present in our lives. The next time you ask God to guide you in anything …please make sure you cut out all the mess in your mind and channel into Him. Listen.
– Joc

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